High quality German seed potatoes

About Us

A little about us

KazEuroplant LLP has been established since November 2019 and is the only official representative of the German company Europlant Pflanzenzucht GmbH in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The high quality of the seed material produced is the result of the introduction of European cultivation technology, adherence to agricultural technology and special measures for the cultivation of seed material and, in particular, the use of initially the highest quality seeds from Europlant.

Our company offers varieties of potatoes for various uses, taking into account the characteristics of the market and cultivation conditions. Healthy planting stock and high-yielding varieties are the basis for efficient potato production. Therefore, the regular purchase of certified seed and the correct choice of varieties are of paramount importance for potato growers. Economic losses when planting low-quality seed tubers are especially high, since no agrotechnical measures can eliminate their negative impact on yield, and costs remain at the same level as when planting high-quality seed.

Also, our experts offer you agricultural advice with an independent German expert on potatoes Grombach Hans Reinhold.